Friday, May 18, 2012

Resurrecting Object Curry - Part 4 : Managed or Native ?

As I mentioned in earlier posts Object Curry was a language I was designing so to speak in my college days (1996-1998) and that I am planning to resurrect it and make it more modern.

One important issue is whether object curry is "Managed" or "Native" ?
It is very hard question for me to answer correctly but lets just go back to source and see what were original thoughts.
As it often happens ideas about language turn into a platform and then into OS concepts.  So for a while I started calling Object Curry by various names like Component Mantra , OS Mantra and even the name Winix
Here are the original thoughts , I think many of the ideas are still valid...
I'll add commentary to the posts and ideas in my next post after the weekend. But for now just paste the original here you go straight from the source.

Virtual Machine for C.

Two stage architecture.

  Web Pointers for Distributed Computing !

Some object memory layout stuff
Final thoughts

  1. I think I will still go with the C virtual machine design. The "C pointers" here are garbage collectable.
  2. For now we'll just output C code (instead of C++11) and pretend there is VM that handles it.
  3. Support web pointers . 
  4. I have a set of hand written documents that tell why VM should not be low level but should have very high level instruction set. (so that linker-loader has more knowledge that it can use to optimize , something very relevant even today. )  I will go over it again...

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